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Missionally Active

I noticed a new face I haven’t seen there before. A man tucked away in a corner near the bakery. I realised he hadn’t only been there for a while, but also had not bathed in a long time, as the strong stench hit my nostrils.

Intimacy called

What comes to mind when you think of the word ‘intimacy’? Love? Relationship? Safety? Belonging?

Discipleship Orientated

You’re invited to leave the chaotic activity around you to follow your father’s voice. The table is ready and waiting.

Jesus Centred

Standing at the back of a small church in Downtown San Jose, California, I came to this moment that will forever change everything in my life. A crossroads of decisions, a battle and wrestle within my soul…


The Creator’s Desire and Design by Amy Dinh Community. What comes to mind when you think of it? What emotions or feelings come up? Is


Thoughts on learning and practice in the way of Jesus. A man stands trembling amidst a watching crowd. Torrents of fear, shame, and hope surge

Reconsidering the Way

Jesus As Path And Prize By Kyle Sinclair “Hello sir, can I sign you up for our one-time home data contract offer? You’ll can pay

We are Follower

Understanding the why behind Follower By Matthew Lewis I remember that morning in my car. Twenty years old, driving home from a party as the